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Our data-driven and process-oriented leasing team handles thousands of showings per year, balancing our need for superb tenant experience and our goal of maximizing NOI for our clients.


What the leasing process looks like with Crest Property Management:
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tenant screening

Offered individually or as part of the comprehensive property management experience, we run credit and background checks, landlord verifications, and employment verifications before making any decisions.

Owners can be as involved as they want with the process. We can work with owners to determine acceptable tenant criteria and guide them in the decision-making process, or handle the decision-making process ourselves.

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Offered individually or as part of the comprehensive property management experience, we have an automated billing process through our tenant portal software that tracks tenant payments and automatically applies late fees and NSF Charges. Our in-house debt management team will reach out to tenants who are late on rent via text, email, and phone calls to track down rent payments. Depending on the situation and the owner’s preferences, we can initiate eviction proceedings with our legal team and send past-due rent to collections as well. 

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With over $100M of assets currently under management, our team has been responsible for oversight of $10M+ in value-add construction, in addition to constant upkeep and capital improvements to our current portfolio.

We are currently handling an average of 250 maintenance requests per month through our in-house staff, all handled directly via our tenant portal software.


What you can expect from Maintenance & Construction with Crest Property Management:
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Our comprehensive property management platform includes all of the listed services – everything required to keep your building running smoothly and profitably.

Everything is handled in-house by our experienced staff, many of whom are property owners themselves.


In addition to the above services, we also take care of things such as:

Property owners

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Emergencies include:
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