Crest capital management

Crest Capital Management is a property management company with assets exceeding 155 million in their portfolio.

Crest Capital Management provides property management services across the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area. Behind every CCM managed property, you will find a team of dedicated professionals committed to our high standards of excellence. Above all else, this is a company built on hard work and dedication which strives to provide excellent customer service for our residents.  

Why Crest?​​


Crest Capital Management has built its business by buying and managing primarily residential rental properties and commercial properties. Crest is proud to be responsible for the management of over 155 million dollars of assets and growing! Crest is conveniently located. Our main office is located at 11214 S. Western avenue, Chicago


Charlie Kipp, Principal

Email: ckipp@crestcapmgmt.com


Jeffrey Boudreau, Principal

Email: jboudreau@crestcapmgmt.com


Margaret Chlebek, Office manager

Email: mchlebek@crestcapmgmt.com

Quinn Kelly, Leasing manager

Email: quinn@crestcapmgmt.com

John Carroll, General manager

Email: john@crestcapmgmt.com



Through our detailed management structure, we have been able to establish a successful style of management which will be customized to fit the needs of our clients and residents.


With over 10 years of experience, we believe that organization, communications and problem-solving are very important skills and traits a management company must have in order to be able to provide clients and residents with the appropriate management support.